Acoustic solo album.

Available from iTunes or CD baby

  1. Dance With Me
  2. Rapture
  3. Paper Dolls
  4. Crazy Cracks Pt1
  5. Rogue Child
  6. Rising Jane
  7. In Your Face
  8. Crazy Cracks Pt2
  9. Bj’s Songs
  10. Goodbye
  11. Home
  12. In The Sun
  13. Silent Rain
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Country/Country Rock Album

Garry Carson Jones and The Poddydodgers.

Available on iTunes and CD Baby.

  1. Country Rockin’ Boy
  2. Self Control
  3. Country Way
  4. Jack Frost
  5. Makin’ Eyes
  6. Owe It All To Love
  7. Southern Land
  8. Angel
  9. Every Little Thing
  10. Rockin’ Cowboys
  11. Young Enough To Learn
  12. Rodeo Clown
  13. True Blue Aussie
  14. Big Daddy
  15. Digger
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Alternate Rock. Available on iTunes & CD Baby.

  1. Smell The Wreaths
  2. The Piper
  3. Possibility
  4. Little Darling
  5. The Will
  6. Silent Movie
  7. Pinky
  8. Bloom
  9. More Then A Dream
  10. Ball & Chain


My Album at CD Baby

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